Divorce does not have to be expensive or lengthy.  I can help guide you through an uncontested divorce and finish the process as quickly as possible.  I offer a low flat fee for uncontested divorces. 

Custody allows you to make decisions about the health, welfare and education of your child.  If you are in a dispute of child custody, allow me to help you fight for your most precious treasure - your child. 

Contested Divorce

Should you seek a divorce in which an agreement of the terms of the divorce can not be settled, this would be a contested divorce.  Although these may tend to require more time and effort from everyone involved, I can help you through this process and help you get what you deserve.  A divorce can be a very emotional time in a person's life, and finding the right attorney can make it a little easier.

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Expanding your family can be quite an exciting time for your family, but the process can be quite tedious and difficult.  Allow me to do the work while you prepare for your family's new addition.  Making sure that you are aware of your rights and the adoption laws, along with explaining adoption methods, assessing risks involved and negotiating with the adoption agency to make sure your best interest is always fulfilled, is my highest priority.


Uncontested Divorce

A Pre-Nuptial Agreement, is a legal document created before the marriage of a couple, that describes the division of property and belongings should the marriage ever be dissolved.  Pre-nuptial agreements can benefit those with significant assets, own a business, expect to receive an inheritance, have significant debts, or have children from a previous marriage.  If you are interested in drafting a pre-nuptial agreement or would like to know more about them, please allow me to help you.

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